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Gutter Cleaning and Installation

How often should I clean my gutters?

We recommend that you should clean your gutters up to 6 times per year. Your local weather and proximity to trees & debris will dictate your specific needs, but we typically suggest this recommended schedule:

  • In March, re-nail all gutters and clear out the branches, dirt, and other winter debris – so that they are ready for the “April Showers”
  • In June, to clean out all the oak tassels, ragweed, seed pods, “helicopters”, and other debris that land all over our properties
  • In August, to remove wind-blown debris caused by Summer thunderstorms
  • And then three times in the Fall: October, November, and December, to remove all the clogs caused by leaves that come down throughout the Fall season, before the winter freeze.

Our Service Plans provide the simplest solution for worry-free gutter maintenance all year long and come with free benefits!

Can my gutters be cleaned without water?

Yes! Under certain circumstances, including lack of available water and customer requests, we will perform a “dry cleaning.” We will only perform a dry cleaning where we can ensure that the gutters and leaders are free from clogs. If we perform a “dry cleaning,” the service carries the same guarantee as a cleaning with water.

Do I need to be home when my gutters are cleaned?

No — we will make your life easy! After you schedule your job, we will appear automatically without further notice for each service scheduled, do a great job, and leave a receipt for you at your door. It’s that easy!

Do you recommend screening or gutter guards?

We do not recommend screening or gutter guards. Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning has searched for and experimented with all types of products that claim to prevent gutter clogs for 60 years. In short, we’ve found that there’s no such thing as a “no clog” gutter.

While we do sell and install gutter screens, we don't recommend them. These systems allow debris in the gutters, they allow the water to pour off the top of gutters in heavy rain (which could lead to water in your basement), and they allow clogs.

The screens we sell will keep out big debris but let a significant amount of small debris into the gutters. Because of this, we no longer sell some of the top-of-the-line solid-cover gutter guard systems to protect your home. This debris will cause clogs over time and can even grow plants in the gutters. As such, even with screens, gutters need to be cleaned regularly.

The solution for gutter clogs is simple: clean the gutters on a regular schedule. You can do this by signing up for one of our ongoing service plans, and you won’t worry about your gutters again.

Does Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning Service come with a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee every gutter cleaning we perform. Because of the debris that falls every day and the small amount of debris required to clog gutters, gutters can clog at any time. However, we guarantee that your entire system will be cleaned and flow freely through the next rainstorm following your service.

What is the difference between hiring a professional gutter cleaner and doing it myself?

While cleaning your gutters yourself may seem like a more affordable option, the potential risks simply do not outweigh the savings. You risk serious injuries and might not own the proper equipment. You could also damage your gutters, gutter pitch, or roof and end up paying even more for costly repairs.

Professional gutter cleaners have the experience and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently, so you can rest assured that your gutters will be clean and functioning correctly with a professional inspection. In the end, hiring a professional gutter cleaner is the best option for your home.

How do you know when to install new gutters?

If you find that you’re consistently needing repair for your gutters or you notice standing water in your gutters, it may be the right time to install new gutters. Gutters with areas of cracks, holes, and/or rust spots may be better off replaced. 

Well-built gutters typically last for 20 years if properly cleaned and maintained multiple times a year. If you know that your gutters are older than this, it may be time for gutter replacement. Consult with our gutter specialists before making a decision.

What is an “off-pitch gutter,” and what causes it to lose its pitch?

Gutters work on the principle of gravity. The gutter, when properly installed, sits on a small angle on the home. That angle causes the water to flow toward the downspout, eventually being carried away from your home’s foundation.

When a gutter goes “off-pitch”, it has lost its angle, and therefore the water simply sits still in the gutter. That water has to go somewhere and will eventually back up into the home or overflow and pour into the foundation. When backing up, the water also rots the wood behind the gutter (known as the “fascia board”), causing the gutter to eventually fall off the home. If the fascia rots, you will have to replace the gutter and the fascia.

Off-pitch gutters can be caused by shifting foundations and the elements (including falling branches) but are often caused by clogs in the gutter. Once debris clogs the gutters, the water has nowhere to go, so it sits in the gutter. That gutter that was once around 20 pounds now weighs over 300 pounds due to the weight of debris and water sitting in it. Eventually, it goes off-pitch and has to be replaced.

The best way to prevent gutters from going off-pitch is to clean them regularly. Join our Service Plan, and protect your gutters and home today.

How long do gutters last?

The gutters that Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning installs are guaranteed for 20 years and include one year of workmanship warranty. This is due to our use of the thickest gauge aluminum gutters (0.032) depending on the state, stainless steel screws, and made-to-measure gutters & downspouts.

Do chimney caps keep water out?

Yes, and they also prevent fire hazards to keep your home and your family safe. The prevention of wildlife nests, backdraft of smoke into your home, stray sparks, and ash settling on area roofing are additional benefits of the lifetime guaranteed stainless steel chimney cap installed by the professionals at Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning.


Pest Control

Does Ned's Pest Control offer pest control inspections?

Yes! Ned's Pest Control can offer a thorough pest inspection, which identifies potential pest issues and provides tailored solutions to safeguard your property from infestations and maintain a pest-free environment.

How effective is Ned's Pest Control?

Our trusted pest control solutions involve identifying and managing pest infestations through inspections, targeted treatments, and preventative measures to eliminate or reduce pest populations while minimizing environmental impact.

How often should I have pest control done?

The frequency of pest control depends on factors like your location, pest history, and pest type. We recommend quarterly or annual inspections to secure your home against pests. Work with residential pest control professionals for personalized advice.

How effective is mosquito and tick spraying?

Yes, mosquito and tick barrier sprays are a highly effective method of keeping you, your family, and your pets safe from blood-borne illnesses like West Nile, Zika, and EEE viruses. With 100% organic granules, our fully licensed experts create a barrier preventing mosquitoes from invading your property. Ned's Pest Control easy subscription plans will ensure that these safe and effective treatments provide consistent protection – on time and on budget. Let us help you take back your yard.

What do I do if I notice insects in my home?

Call us at (888) 702-5244 for inspections and removal or preventative insect control in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

Our expert contractors are familiar with all local bug infestations and have the training and experience to handle all bug situations.


Lawn Treatment

What is lawn aeration and how does it work?

Lawn aeration is a method in lawn care that entails creating small perforations in the soil. These openings alleviate soil compaction and enhance the circulation of air, water, and nutrients to the grassroots. This process helps the roots grow deeper, leading to a healthier and more resilient lawn.

What are the different types of aeration?
  1. Core aeration: This method uses a specialized machine to remove small plugs of soil from the lawn, creating channels for improved soil aeration. The removed plugs break down over time, further enhancing soil structure.
  2. Spike aeration: Solid tines or spikes penetrate the soil, creating holes without removing soil cores. While less effective at reducing compaction, spike aeration can still improve soil conditions.
  3. Liquid aeration: Liquid aeration involves applying a soil-penetrating solution to the lawn. While not as direct as physical aeration methods, the solution aims to loosen compacted soil by breaking down the hardpan layers. This process can enhance soil structure and promote root growth.
What is lawn seeding and how does it work?

Lawn seeding is the process of introducing grass seeds into the soil to establish new grass growth or to improve the density and quality of an existing lawn. It is a fundamental method of achieving a lush, vibrant, and healthy lawn.

What are the clues that your lawn is begging for professional care?

Here are some key indicators that you might need our help:

  • Lawn Discoloration: Changes in your lawn’s color, including pale green, yellow, or brown hues, can indicate nutrient deficiencies, diseases, or other issues.
  • Difficult Weeds: A recurring weed problem often requires a systematic professional approach for effective control.
  • Pest Infestations: Signs of pests, such as patches of dying grass or noticeable pest activity, typically necessitate professional pest control treatments.
  • Disease Symptoms: Visual signs of disease on your lawn, such as unusual spots on grass blades or patches of discolored grass, may call for professional diagnosis and treatment.
  • Inconsistent Growth: Uneven growth patterns, such as dead or bare patches, can signal problems like soil compaction, improper watering, and pest damage.
  • High Maintenance Needs: If lawn maintenance becomes excessively time-consuming, professional lawn care services can provide the needed expertise and convenience.
Who needs tree/shrub care?

Anyone with trees or shrubs should receive professional tree care services. Tree and shrub care services involve hiring experienced professionals to care for your yard's trees and shrubs. Proper tree and shrub care is essential for promoting longevity, preventing diseases, enhancing aesthetic appeal, and ensuring safety.


Window Cleaning & Power Washing

What tool do you use to clean the windows?

Ned's Window Cleaning uses a WaterFed pole to clean windows. The pole has a number of features that allow for a comprehensive, professional cleaning, allowing you to feed purified water right to the window and angle adaptors, clamps, and a pole brush to clean the surface properly. The brush is made from either nylon, boar hair, or a combination of both materials. Full nylon is great for maintenance cleans, while a boar hair brush delivers a more aggressive cleaning solution. Our Ned's Window Cleaning professionals use the hybrid brush in order to leverage both cleaning features.

Why do you need purified water to clean windows?

Normal tap water results in glass appearing with a milky white residue. This is the result of mineral content in normal tap water. Pure water on the other hand automatically absorbs dirt. Meaning, pure water or water without any mineral content, leaves windows perfectly clean after drying. Getting “Purified Water” is the first step. To clean windows 100% spot free, the Total Dissolved Solution (TDS) of your water needs to be at 0.

Can I make my own pure water for window cleaning?

To get pure water, you need to use a multi-stage purification system. Ned's Window Cleaning incorporates a 3-stage system for each cleaning.

  • Carbon Sediment Filter: Prevents material and debris from entering the RO membrane, as well as chlorine.
  • RO Membrane: This part does all the heavy work in the purification process, removing up to 90-95% of all Total Dissolved Solids.
  • Deionization Resin: The final filtration step is designed to bring your water to 0 TDS.
Do you clean windows inside the house?

No, our service only does exterior window cleaning.

Can I pressure wash a deck?

Pressure washing a deck not only poses a risk to the deck itself but also doesn’t fix the underlying problem. Timber deck boards can splinter and become damaged when put under the strain of a pressure washer. Your deck needs our power wash solution because of bacteria that cause discoloration. Pressure washing does not kill germs, so it’s only a short-term solution (assuming your deck doesn’t sustain damage).

Can I pressure wash a patio?

You can pressure wash some patios, but only if you proceed with caution. If you use the wrong nozzle or set the pressure too high, visible damage can be caused. From pitting to lines to degrading the surface, many are surprised to see how damaging pressure washes can be on a patio. Plus, if your patio is made up of paving stones held together with mortar, a pressure wash can completely disperse the joint sand and the mortar altogether.


We recommend having our professionals perform our power wash services to ensure any bacteria is removed while maintaining the quality of your patio.

Can I pressure wash a walkway?

Yes, however, as opposed to a pressure wash using intense water pressure that may damage your walkway, our power wash uses a biodegradable cleaning solution. Combined with adequate water pressure, the pet-and-people-safe solution rids your walkway of harmful bacteria commonly causing unsightly black or green staining. Our power washing leaves your walkway free from 100% of that bacteria and in great shape for years to come. Protect your investment and curb appeal with Ned's Power Washing.

How can I tell that I need my roof cleaned?

The next time you’re taking a stroll around your property, don’t forget to look up. Over time, you’ll notice black streaks, a layer of green fungus, or even moss build-up – and you’ll know it’s time for a cleaning. Typical power washers damage roofing tiles, but with Ned's Power Washing process, our biodegradable cleaning solution kills 100% of bacteria and dirt accumulation with a two-year guarantee.

How frequently do you need to clean a fence?

Many factors go into the efficiency and thoroughness of fence cleaning. A professional will have access to the tools and cleaning supplies necessary to properly clean your fence without harming it. You may have a power washer, but do you know which PSI to set the stream to without damaging your fence? You may have cleaning supplies, but will the solutions you use actually do the work of killing bacteria and mold in your fence without harming the natural area around it? These are all different factors that can easily be botched if you aren’t a professional.

Why should you hire a professional to clean a patio?

Professionals understand all of the different aspects of your patio. An expert will craft a cleaning strategy based on the appearance of your patio (color, texture), the presence of grout or mortar, and any joint sand between paving stones. These factors will dictate the recommended PSI for the pressure wash, the temperature of the water, and the need for a soft wash solution. This can all go over some DIYers' heads. Plus, some homeowners prefer to get all of their outdoor cleanings out of the way – like fences, decks, and siding, so having a professional take care of it is a no-brainer!

What is the difference between power washing and pressure washing?

Pressure washing refers to the highly-pressured system of spraying water from a pressure washer. This method of cleaning can damage the surfaces of your fencing, decks, patio, & more. Our power washing is the gentler and more sanitary process of cleaning surfaces. Our power washing solution is sprayed at a much lighter PSI than traditional pressure washes, and the cleaning solution used instead of plain water allows for a more dynamic cleansing experience that rids surfaces of bacteria that cause discoloration.

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General FAQs

Why is Ned Stevens now Ned's Home?

It’s simple: We wanted to bring all our expert service divisions under the roof of one home—Ned’s Home. We are providing our customers with a simple, one-stop shop to manage their exterior home services. Now, every customer gets the convenience they deserve—all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Is the company under new ownership?

No. There is no change to ownership.  We remain the same great team, ready to provide you with the same quality service.

Is anything about my service changing?

No. Nothing about your service will change — just our new name and our newest service offerings: Ned's Lawn Treatment, Ned's Pest Control, and Ned's Commercial Services.

Do you offer any new services?

Yes!  Ned’s Home now offers 3 new expert divisions: Ned’s Lawn Treatment, Ned’s Pest Control, and Ned’s Commercial Services.  Note: Service offerings vary by location, so call us to learn more.

Can I expect the same level of quality?

Absolutely!  Every job we perform is completed by our own employees, not subcontractors, and of course, all work is backed by our Ned’s Home 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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