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We're actively acquiring gutter, pest control, and lawn care businesses.

BUILDING A COMPANY IS HARD WORK. We'd be honored to continue your legacy.

Our experienced acquisition team works closely with sellers to ensure smooth and efficient transitions that prioritize all stakeholders: sellers, employees, and customers. We've worked hard to earn our reputation as the transparent, professional, and trustworthy acquirer of choice in our industries. 

If you're interested in exploring a transaction, we'd love to talk. Please fill out the form below and our team of experts will reach out.

Working with Nolan and his dedicated acquisition team was a very satisfying experience in professionalism, efficiency, accuracy, and respect. Their ability to move swiftly through the sales process was a major factor in completing a successful transaction. Highly recommended to any business owner considering their options.

Al | sold business to Ned Stevens in 2022

I was apprehensive when Nolan first called, but it ended up being the most important call of my life. My company had surpassed my ability to manage it. The Ned Stevens team was exactly what the company needed to continue growing…. I sold my company over a year ago and have no regrets of my choice, nor do I have any concerns about who I handed the reigns to.

Brad | sold business to Ned Stevens in 2021

Selling a business you built can be a scary and exciting experience… The Ned team guided me through the entire process with patience and integrity. Having a trustworthy counterpart like Ned Stevens was crucial in the sale of my business.

Kris | sold business to Ned Stevens in 2022

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The Ned's Home Team

Senior VP of Mergers and Acquisitions
Nolan McClain
Nolan began his tenure with Ned Stevens in 2020 and, along with his team, has successfully acquired several home service businesses. Prior to Ned Stevens, Nolan worked as an investor at a middle-market private equity fund and as a management consultant with Bain & Company.
VP of Mergers and Acquisitions
DJ Salmon
DJ has been with Ned Stevens for over a decade, serving in multiple roles including in finance, analytics and business operations. Today, as Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions, DJ leads the integration of acquired businesses into the Ned Stevens family.
Corporate Development Manager
Lauren Kenelley
Lauren joined the Ned Stevens team in 2023 and focuses on deal sourcing and execution. Prior to Ned Stevens, Lauren worked as a business acquisitions associate and as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank.